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Dr Alex Elliott is a 75th Anniversary Research Fellow at Cranfield University, leading a project entitled Developing accurate, reduced-order models for nonlinear vibrations: a machine learning approach. This project will build upon his experience and expertise in nonlinear dynamics, complex structural vibrations, and machine learning.

After acquiring a BSc Mathematics from the University of Warwick, he obtained an MSc Sustainable Energy and PhD from the University of Glasgow. His doctoral thesis is entitled Accurate approximations for nonlinear vibrations, and focused on investigating, developing, and optimising methodologies for capturing complex nonlinear behaviour in reduced-order models. In his current work, Dr Elliott is further developing these techniques, introducing machine learning methods to reduce the uncertainty of existing techniques.

The overarching aim of his research is to provide engineers with accurate tools for capturing, understanding, and controlling nonlinear vibrations, allowing them to develop next-generation, hyper-efficient engineering structures.

Presentation at University of Glasgow Science Slam VI


2015 - 2019

PhD: Accurate Approximations for Nonlinear Vibrations

University of Glasgow

2014 - 2015

MSc Sustainable Energy

University of Glasgow

2011 - 2014

BSc Mathematics

University of Warwick

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